Mr Chatterbox

Mr Chatterbox Mr Chatterbox
Mr Men Book
Number 20

Where does he live?
Chatterbox Cottage

Mr Chatterbox can go on forever. He simply wouldn't stop talking! He would talk to anybody and everybody about anything and everything. One day he was talking to Mr Stamp the postman for so long, that he was late delivering everyone else's letters.


He then went on to talk to Mr Bowler, the hat maker. The villagers and him were getting tired of his chatting, so he ordered in a special hat for Mr Chatterbox. When he tried it on, Mr Chatterbox suddenly found that the hat was getting bigger and bigger until it covered him completely up!

Mr Chatterbox Facts:
• If he didn't have anyone to talk you, he would simply talk to himself!
• His house is called Chatterbox Cottage because it is shaped like a box!
• The new hat that Mr Bowler gave him was orange, instead of green.

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