Mr Daydream

Mr Daydream Mr Daydream
Mr Men Book
Number 13

Where does he live?
Your imagination!

When a little boy called Jack daydreamed as he usually does, Mr Daydream appeared before him and took him on an adventure on his giant flying bird. He flew them to Africa where they met an elephant and a crocodile that tried to eat them!


They then went to Australia, where Mr Daydream and Jack played with a boomerang, and then they even went to the North Pole where Mr Daydream fell into the snow! Lastly he went to the wild west and he wore a cowboy's hat, but when it went over his head, Jack woke up to find that he had been daydreaming in class again!

Mr Daydream Facts:
• Mr Daydream looks like a blue cloud!
• When the crocodile offered to use him as a bridge, Mr Daydream's bird saved the day and rescued them.
• Mr Daydream whistles to do his magic, like when he called the giant bird to take them away.
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