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Number 18

Where does he live?
In a Teapot, Happyland

Mr Funny is the funniest person in the whole of Happyland, quite the funniest you have ever seen. To start with, Mr Funny lives in a teapot that has two bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchen and a living room. What is even funnier is the fact that his car was not in fact a car, but a shoe with wheels!

All the animals and flowers that saw Mr Funny in his show-car laughed so hard, they laughed themselves in two, laughed their tails off or laughed themselves out of the ground.

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And when the animals at the zoo were feeling unhappy because they all had colds, Mr Funny pulled such a funny face that the elephant nearly laughed her truck off, the lion nearly laughed his whiskers to pieces and the giraffe nearly laughed a knot in her neck.

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Mr Funny Facts:
• Mr Funny eats the funniest of things: he had a daisy sandwich, a glass of toast and hot cup of cake!
• A signpost near Mr Funny's house points to "This Way", "That Way" and "To The Zoo".
• When the lion was laughing after Mr Funny's face, he was roaring, but not like a normal roar; roaring with laughter!



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