Mr Fussy

Mr Fussy Mr Fussy
Mr Men Book
Number 21

Where does he live?
We don't know what country but in an incredibly neat house!

Mr Fussy is so fussy that he would have to make sure that everything was all neat and tidy, and in its proper place. Absolutely everything had to be clean or straight. He spends every day of his life doing this, fussing over this and that. "Fussy old fusspot" everyone calls him. One day, his long lost cousin from Australia, Mr Clumsy, came to visit. Mr Fussy's trouble started then, as he is the complete opposite to cousin. In the end, however Mr Clumsy does decide to leave, but Mr Fussy has another unexpected visit from someone else...

Mr Fussy Facts:
• Mr Fussy irons his showlaces!
• He also straightens out his grass, blade by blade.
• When staying, Mr Clumsy broke two plates just making breakfast!

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