Mr Greedy

Mr Greedy Mr Greedy
Mr Men Book
Number 2

Where does he live?
Fatland - Roly-Poly House

Mr Greedy is truly the greediest person in the whole of Misterland (well maybe not the greediest, there is someone else who could be greedier!). He can eat his way through as much food you or I could eat in a week in an hour! Mr Greedy's problem was that the more he ate the fatter he became. Then the fatter he became the more hungry he became and the more hungry he became the more he ate! Mr Greedy once has 9 slices of toast and a whole packet of cornflakes for his breakfast one day! However he learnt his lesson when he met a giant and ate all of his giant-sized dinner! He had a stomach ache after that!

Mr Greedy Facts:
• Mr Greedy's cousin, Little Miss Greedy also lives in Fatland.
• When Mr Greedy ate the giant's dinner the peas were as big as cabbages!
• When he learnt his lesson, he became less greedy and lost his tummy.
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