Mr Jelly

Mr Jelly Mr Jelly
Mr Men Book
Number 15

Where does he live?

Mr Jelly is frightened of absolutely everything! Even the slightest thing will send him hiding under the covers! He lives in a quiet house far out into the woods where there is nobody to scare him, except when he one day meets a tramp who tells him how not to be scared, and that is to count from 1 to 10 everytime he gets scared. He then tried it all the time, such as when he thought that is was a crocodile or a tree about to fall on top of him, and he realised that he stood on a twig!

Mr Jelly Facts:
• Mr Jelly actually looks like a bowl of pink wobbly jelly!
• When a leaf brushed against his window he thought that his house was going to fall down.
• Even his breakfast cereal snapping, crackling and popping made him hide under the table!

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