Mr Lazy

Mr Lazy Mr Lazy
Mr Men Book
Number 17

Where does he live?

Mr Lazy is the laziest person in the world. He can sleep for hours upon hours upon hours. In Lazyland, they don't even get up in the morning, they get up in the afternoon. One day, when Mr Lazy was taking a nap outside in a chair, he was woken up suddenly by the sound of someone shouting "WAKEUPWAKEUP!". That person was in fact two people, Mr Busy and Mr Bustle. These strange two men made sure that Mr Lazy got to work as there was wood to chop, floors to clean, coal to get, windows to polish, and a lot more things. Mr Lazy had never done this much work in his life, but luckily for him, the two visitors only turned out to be a big dream!

Mr Lazy Facts:
• In Sleepyland, there are only 4 hours in the day, instead of our usual 12!
• Mr Busy and Mr Bustle made Mr Lazy go on a walk as well as doing the chores.
• When they blew a whistle to make him run, it only turned out to be his kettle that he left on!

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