Mr Mean

Mr Mean Mr Mean
Mr Men Book
Number 19

Where does he live?
We don't know what country but in an old broken house!

Mr Mean is mean to anybody and everyone. His house is broken, dirty and has never been painted. Mr Mean simply grumbles on about the price of nails, but all of his furniture is made from old orange boxes. His house doesnt have any fires, carpets, pictures or curtains, just boring old wood. You would think that Mr Mean is poor, but in fact he has lots of money but never spends any of it or gives it to anyone. He even gave his brother a piece of coal for Christmas so that he didn't have to spend any money. One day, an old wizard came and taught him his lesson, by turning all his money into pototoes and whenever he was mean turned different parts of him into different vegetables! However, Mr Mean was a changed man, and he became so kind that the following year he gave his brother a nicer, better present...two pieces of coal!

Mr Mean Facts:
• Every evening he would count his money that he kept in a box, which is the only thing he liked doing.
• Mr Mean's nose was turned into a carrot and his ears into tomotoes!
• He also spent all his money making his house look spick and span, instead of the mess it used to be!

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