Mr Messy

Mr Messy Mr Messy
Mr Men Book
Number 8

Where does he live?

Mr Messy is the messiest person in the world. You can always tell when he has been somewhere because there is always a trail of fingerprints wherever he has been. Messy by name, messy by nature! His house was not much better, there were broken windows and loose roof tiles. On one of his walks through the woods near his house, he found a beautiful house where he met Mr Tidy and Mr Neat, who were cleaning a house. They then saw Mr Messy and proceeded to clean his house for him, which he was not happy about!

Mr Messy Facts:
• When he was washed by Tidy and Neat, he lost his messy appearance (see the picture below!)
• Mr Messy has never cut his grass in his garden before, its more like a jungle now!
• When he east his breakfast, he spills cornflakes all over the table.
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