Mr Muddle

Mr Muddle Mr Muddle
Mr Men Book
Number 23

Where does he live?

Mr Muddle is an individual who can never get anything right. The simplest of things confuses him, such as putting on his coat and hammering in a nail into the wall. Mr Muddle even walks back to front! On a day out, Mr Muddle met George the fisherman, who really confused Mr Muddle when he simply asked him to help him push his boat out to sea. George told Mr Muddle the exact opposite of what he really wanted him to do, and Mr Muddle did exactly the right thing! George then told everyone in Seatown how to deal with Mr Muddle. The next day he met Mr Brick, the town builder, who did exactly the same thing when he asked him to hold his coat (so Mr Muddle held his ladder), and so did Mrs Scrub and Mr Black.

Mr Muddle Facts:
• When making his dinner, he tried to slice the gravy!
• His house is all muddled up as well, with the roof upside down.
• When he had breakfast, he poured tea on his toast and buttered the table!

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