Mr Nosey

Mr Nosey Mr Nosey
Mr Men Book
Number 4

Where does he live?
Happyland - Tiddletown

Mr Nosey has the longest nose you have ever seen! He always uses his nose to poke into other people's business, always reading other people's newspapers rather than his own on the train or opening other people's post to find out what was inside. However the people of Tiddletown do not like this one bit. All of the residents of Tiddletown decide what to do about Mr Nosey: Mr Chips, the carpenter; Mrs Washer, the laundrette; Mr Brush, the painter; and even Mr Herd, the farmer, they all got their own back on nosey Mr Nosey.

Mr Nosey Facts:
• If he passes a locked door, he has to have a look through the keyhole!
• He once found a yellow door in the woods and followed a long passageway, only to be tricked by Mr Mischief.
• He learnt his lesson when he heard a saw cutting wood and thought about happen if he poked his nose in!
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