Mr Tickle
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Number 1
Where does he live?:

Mr Tickle is the first of the Mr Men stories written. He uses his extraordinarily long arms to tickle anyone he can get his hands on: the postman, the doctor, the butcher and all of the other Mr Men and Little Miss! His arms can come in useful though, they can get kites that are stuck in trees and they can answer the phone when he is in the bath!


But Mr Tickle always does as his name implies, he tickles people through windows, through letterboxes, but once when he heard the postman, Mr Stamp, coming and he sent one of his arms down the stairs and got it stuck in the banisters!

Mr Tickle likes nothing more than to tickle anyone who happens to walk by! His really long arms have all sorts of uses - he can even make his breakfastin the kitchen while lying in his bed!

Mr TickleMr Tickle Facts:
• When he is hungry, instead of going downstairs, he reaches his arm all the way from his bedroom to the fridge!
• He once tickled a policeman and caused an enormous traffic jam.
• Be careful if you are ticklish because Mr Tickle could be around the next corner!

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