All 46 adorable Mr Men

Click on the character's picture to read more, There you can find information and pictures of them. Not sure who is who, hover over the Mr Men image and see......

Mr Tickle Mr Greedy Mr Happy Mr Nosey
Mr Sneeze Mr Bump Mr Snow Mr Messy
Mr Topsy-Turvy Mr Silly Mr Uppity Mr Small
Mr Daydream Mr Forgetful Mr Jelly Mr Noisy
Mr Lazy Mr Funny Mr Mean Mr Chatterbox
Mr Fussy Mr Bounce Mr Muddle Mr Dizzy
Mr Impossible Mr Strong Mr Grumpy Mr Clumsy
Mr Quiet Mr Rush Mr Tall Mr Worry
Mr Nonsense Mr Wrong Mr Skinny Mr Mischief
Mr Clever Mr Busy Mr Slow Mr Brave
Mr Grumble Mr Perfect Mr Cheerful Mr Cool
  Mr Good Mr Rude  

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