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We previously only had the "Make A Mr Men" Flash game available. We now have a few other Flash games to add the collection for you to play online, so choose a game below! We now also have a link to a wonderful free game you can download and play on your computer, so check that out.

Flash Games & Stories

Mr Men Matching Game
Try to find all the Mr Men pairs in our very own new matching game!

Make A Mr Men
Make your very own Mr Men or Little Miss character and then print it out!

Mr Bump Bumper Cars
Make your very own Mr Men or Little Miss character and then print it out!

Mr Forgetful - Apples taste good!
Help Mr Forgetful pick up the apples that he left behind!

Little Miss Magic's Tricks
Little Miss Magic loves doing magic tricks. Help her do some amazing magic in thsi game!

Mr Happy (Story)
Listen to this wonderful story about Mr Happy!

Mr Bump Loses His Memory (Story)
Find out what happens to Mr Bump when he loses his memory in this animated story!

Mr Small - A Big Day Out (Story)
Find out what happens to Mr Small when he goes out to the big wide world in this animated story!

Other Games

Download Mr Men Click Em!
The game to the left is called "Mr Men Click Em" made by Mike Archer, and can be downloaded from the link. The program will not install anything else on your computer apart from the game, and make sure you have permission of the computer's owner and administrator before installing it!
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