Board Games

There are a lot of different Mr Men availablegames available, such as puzzles, board and also CD-ROMs! Below are a few of these, many of which you can still find in toy shops:

Mr Men Snakes and Ladders Mr Men Snakes and Ladders
This traditional game is brought to life with the delightful Mr Men characters. Featuring a giant washable playing board and extra large playing pieces. The different pieces feature many of the Mr Men characters.
Mr Men Jumbo Floor Puzzle Mr Men Jumbo Floor Puzzle
This is a large floor puzzle with 24 jumbo pieces made. The puzzle design is of many Mr Men characters on a train, with Mr Funny driving it and many others as passengers!

There are many other Mr Men and Little Miss puzzles which there will soon be pictures of below, as well as other games such as the Mr Men Shopping Spree game!

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